Attic Insulation Weston

attic insulation weston

Attic Insulation Weston

Are you concerned that your A/C might be working too hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home? In other words, if you’ve noticed your air conditioning unit turning on and off more frequently throughout the day, this could be due to poor attic insulation. Why do I say that The main purpose of attic insulation in Weston Florida is to keep the hot air out and keep your cool air in In short if your home is inadequately’ insulated your HVAC unit could pay the price. If you have concerns about your attic ventilation structure, call the professionals at Proserv America today to schedule an inspection.

Now let’s take a look at some other issues that a poor attic insulation and ventilation system will cause.

About The Roof

Roof damage – excessive heat and moisture cause the roof sheathing to dry-rot and reduces the life of the underpayment. Poor ventilation can cause the shingles on your roof to swell and split or cause the plywood on your deck to soften. As if that isn’t enough, this will eventually lead to cracking, warping, and the breakdown of wood framing.  This in turn will lead to premature aging of your roofing system.

Mold – is one of the more habitual issues found in attic insulation. If the home does not have an adequate vapor barrier and there are leaks, then that water soaks up into traditional forms of insulation like fiberglass and cellulose.

More About Attic Insulation

Pests – needless to say this could majorly impair the quality of your home. Insects and other pests eat away at the building’s envelope. Rodents can enter through cracks in, the walls and spread their bacteria and other, diseases into your home.

Asbestos if your house was built before 1990, may contain’ asbestos-containing attic insulation.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above issues, please give us a call today to schedule an inspection. Further delay’ in obtaining service could result in a much costlier repair down the road.

What We Do

For starters, upon inspection, our expert technicians will determine the best solution for your home’s insulation. They will calculate the R-Value to determine how much insulation is needed to make your home more energy-efficient. You may wonder how one knows how much’ insulation is satisfactory well that’s precisely what R-value is all about. In a nutshell, R-value measures the capability of a building’s insulation to resist heat flow. The higher the value, the greater the insulation power. Next, they will check for any leaks. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as sealing a leak. In addition, our technician will determine if you are using the best material for your home’s needs. The most common materials are fiberglass, cellulose, and foam. Lastly, they will determine if it needs to be replaced or if additional insulation should be added.

To sum it up, not having enough insulation results in heat loss and much higher utility bills. The technicians at Proserv America are experts in assessing your insulation needs given the current insulation and airflow in homes of any size. Our licensed technicians can create a custom solution that will enable your heating and cooling system to do its job efficiently Attic insulation is one of our specializations in Weston Florida and it is one that! we’re pleased to provide. So take the next step and give us a call today.

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