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Ac Repair In Sunrise

AC Repair Sunrise

More About Ac Repair In Sunrise

Do you have a
broken down AC unit in the midst! of the sweltering South Florida heat. If you
need emergency AC repair in Sunrise contact Proserv America.  Repairing your unit’s one of our many, specialty
services, and a service we are pleased to provide.

Let’s face it
temperatures are rising in this already scorching hot state that we call home.
According to Florida climatologist David Zierden, “Last month’s [May] record
temps were because of a “deep-layer, high-pressure” system set over Florida for
more than two weeks.” And let’s also not forget the statistic that temperatures
in the Southeast US have progressively elevated by an average of 2 degrees
Fahrenheit since 1970 due to synthetic altitude change.

The Bad News

The unfortunate reality is that most air conditioning breakdowns occur during
the summer months when you need it the
most And it appears it is only going to continue to get hotter and hotter
“Seventy years from now temperatures in most of Florida are likely to rise
above 95°F between 45 and 90 days per year compared with less than 15 days per
a year today” says a January report from the Environmental! Protection Agency
“Higher humidity will further increase the heat index and associated impacts on
health.” When you experience problems with your AC our team can get in
and out quickly to resolve the issue. That way you can get back to your regular
the flow of life fast and in comfort.

We realize
that an inoperable ac unit in beautiful and sunny Sunrise Florida can be
downright stifling. We run from one cool building to another doing everything
in our power to avoid the brutal-afternoon heat An unworkable cooling system can
be extremely detrimental to your place of business. It can also wreak havoc on
your family life when it affects your home.

About ProServ America

Our techs
understand that it’s a necessity to have a cool home or place of business. We’re 100% committed to our customer’s satisfaction. The experts at Proserv
America provides expedient repairs so your unit is up and running again in a
timely fashion.

at Proserv America maintain all the appropriate licensures, so they can
responsibly and legally provide you with quality service. We offer service
that’s reliable, courteous, and fast from the second you contact us until the instant service in Sunrise
the issue is resolved We are available for a 24-hour emergency
with no hidden fees We’ll always provide you with honest and upfront
pricing. We service all major brands like TraneRheemCarrier & YORK. Please fill out our estimate form or contact us

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